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Dawes Devices Boost Controller

The second best boost controller in the World (second only to our Hybrid)! The same Quality Features as our Hybrid, but with a stainless steel mechanism (and no seat polishing). The cost savings are passed on to you!


1) Classic Design: at an Affordable Price!

2) Customer Satisfaction: Rating of over 99%

2)100% Quality Inspection: Assures Fully Functional Controllers Everytime!



Applications: All turbocharged engines, including OBDII equipped applications

Price: $38 (includes 7 page online manual)

Purpose: To provide an inexpensive way to allow more boost by eliminating computer control of the wastegate, and to save you $300, when compared to an electronic controller.

How it works: Our boost controller mounts in-line between the intake manifold (or turbo nipple) and the wastegate. The controller holds the signal from the wastegate until the desired boost level is reached. By conditioning the boost signal this way, the following results occur:

a) Time to Peak Boost is dramatically improved

b) More boost "area under the curve" for increased mid-range torque!

c) Boost limit is raised to the point that you, not the ECU, desire!


 Boost Controller FAQ

Is this a "bleed"?: No. It is a pressure-controlled device, unlike a bleed. One big disadvantage of a bleed is that the boost signal is always acting on the wastegate as the boost builds. This means that the wastegate is allowing exhaust gas to bypass the turbine at the exact time you need it to be spooling up your turbo. The Basic Boost Controller holds the signal from the wastegate until it reaches the level that you have set. Because of its rapid actuation, "spiking" (momentarily exceeding the boost limit) is almost completely eliminated. Some electronic controller companies actually try to promote spiking as a positive feature, because their controllers cannot react fast enough to accurately control the problem.

Can I Install This Myself?: Yes! Probably in about 15 minutes. Click here for the complete on-line instructions.

Can the Basic Boost Controller be used on OBDII equipped vehicles?: Yes!!! OBDII (On Board Diagnostics--Generation 2) equipped vehicles (most, since 1995) respond to our boost controller with the same favorable results as non-OBD vehicles. You may use our controller to improve turbo spooling at the factory boost level, or raise the boost to enjoy increased power. Since the engine computer is programmed to accommodate a spike-prone factory boost control, it is already set up with fuel maps to support an increase in boost. In most cases a 15-20% increase in boost can be supported by the factory ECU programming without danger of a lean mixture, or illumination of the "check engine" light. If you already have a boost gauge installed, you will notice that your "factory" boost level will sometimes overshoot the intended peak (or "spike") and then settle back to a sustained level. Our controller is much less susceptible to these boost spikes, allowing you to use the full boost level programmed into your ECU. By using our boost controller, you may set the sustained boost to the level that the factory control used to spike to. This allows you to safely exploit the large error margin programmed into your ECU. You may also notice that your boost level will drop after a sustained period in high gear. With our controller, you will retain the full boost level available from the turbocharger, right up until your nerve (or the ECU's speed limiter) intervenes.

How does the Basic Boost Controller compare to electronic boost controllers?: Well, for one thing, its about $300 to $600 less expensive. It also has 2 moving parts and no electronics, so reliability is improved. Also, many electronic controllers have a "learn" setting that your engine must endure. This "learning" mode allows your boost to fluctuate wildly until the controller adjusts it's response time. This is akin to unplugging your wastegate for a few full throttle runs. Not the ideal situation to say the least! Additionally, the SD Boost Controller may be removed in 5 min, to return the vehicle to factory condition. This provides a distinct advantage should you choose to hide your modifications from the dealer, or curious eyes.

Can I use it with my performance "chip"?: Yes, although the gains will probably be of a lower magnitude than those of unmodified cars. This is because many chip manufacturers have already raised the boost to the upper limit of what the factory fuel system can support. Additional gains can be found by using the Basic Boost Controller if the chip manufacturer allows the boost signal to reach the wastegate before peak boost is achieved. This is usually the case, as the factory boost control solenoid cannot respond fast enough to control "spiking" unless the rise-time is slower than optimal.

Will you back up my factory warranty should I become overzealous and damage my engine?:  Note that carelessly increasing the boost without monitoring air/fuel ratios or exhaust temperature may damage your engine. It is not possible for us to accept responsibility for your actions should damage occur. However, there are many air/fuel ratio meters available, to monitor your progress. Such products will help you to avoid mishaps from lean fuel mixtures. Also, this same risk is present with an electronic controller or a chip. As those companies must also limit their responsibility, so must we. We will replace the valve with an identical one, should a defect in workmanship be discovered. One benefit of the Basic Boost Controller is that it is easily removed should a warranty issue arise. However, we do not endorse this action as it would be dishonest.

Will the Basic Boost Controller hurt my wastegate actuator?: No. In fact, it can extend its life by preventing a vacuum signal from reaching the actuator. This reduces the flexing of the diaphragm, extending its life.

How high can I raise the boost?: Provided you have the fuel to accommodate the extra boost, the Basic Boost Controller will allow you to raise the boost limit to over 17psi. Actual limits of the valve are dependent on variables, which include turbo size and wastegate actuator parameters. The included instructions describe methods to modify the controller, should you find that you are unable to reach your target boost with the stock valve configuration. Also, keep in mind that some turbo systems will cut fuel delivery above a preset factory limit, usually 14.7psi. Please see our Fuel Cut Eliminator to eliminate this issue.

What's in it for us?: Well, for one thing, a little profit. But more importantly, we want everyone to enjoy a low priced boost controller. We have been disappointed to see other companies offering manual and electronic boost controllers that work no better, but cost 15 times more.

O.K., how much?: The price is $38. Everything you need is mounted on the controller. The valve is shipped pre-set at a level that is safe for all vehicles. You will follow the simple instructions to gradually and safely raise the boost.

Note: Although most factory turbo systems will easily accept boost increases of 20-30%, air/fuel mixtures should be monitored when raising boost above factory limits. This applies to any boost controller. It is a good idea to use one of the gauges mentioned above and raise the boost SLOWLY. Again, we can not be held responsible for damage caused by overzealous boost adjustment.

Classic design, carefully manufactured in our clean, controlled environment. If you are looking for the best budget boost controller... you've found it!

Please include or email us, your address, vehicle make and model, and current boost setting with your order. Look for an upcoming review of our manual boost controller on TheBoostLife

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An Evolution of  Gus Mahon's G-valve, designed to be an effective, inexpensive solution to your boost control needs. Take control of your turbo system today!

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$15 Anywhere else in the world, regardless of order size!


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